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My approach at Mottershead Consulting is to build long-term relationships with my clients. My aim is to earn a place as one of your trusted advisers. I know that my reputation rises or falls based on my ability to be proactive, responsive, and deliver a consistently high quality of service that exceeds your expectations. I am committed to taking the time needed to provide you with customized solutions that enhance the success of your people and your organization. My approach is the product of more than 30 years experience in the legal industry on three different continents, as a former lawyer in private practice, a law academic, in-house leading talent management and professional development in law firms in Asia and AmLaw 100 firms in the US.


Practice Management & Leadership
Managing a law firm in the 21st century is not for the faint hearted! The emphasis and demand for effective and efficient law firm management has never been more pressing. My work in practice management and leadership is focused on supporting your firm in its local, national, regional and internatonal strategic and business planning initiatives so you have defined and measurable goals and objectives. It also focuses on helping you articulate the skills needed and identifying leaders that will get you where you want to go today and tomorrow. More about these services...

Talent Management & Professional Development
Talent management means managing your talent as your organization’s greatest asset. It starts with recruiting the right people - people that match your firm values and culture - and it ends with individual career goals aligned to and supporting the achievement of your organization’s business performance goals. My work in talent management and professional development is focused on customizing local, national, regional and international talent management strategies and initiatives that “connect the dots” between top performing individuals and exceptional law firms so that your people know what your clients expect of them and consistently exceed those expectations! More about these services...

Law School & Law Firm Skills Programs
The bridge between law school and law firm has always been important. It is even more important now with the increased emphasis on law students “hitting the ground running”. My work with law schools and law firms focuses on facilitating the sort of partnerships and discussions that bring about change. I also collaborate with law schools and law firms in designing and building the bridges that support new approaches, new teaching methodolgies, and new programs in skills training. More about these services...
Terri Mottershead
Terri Mottershead builds long-term relationships with clients.

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